The Courtyard Juices and Fitness Center

with Donna

March 20 (Monday)
at 5:30 pm

Class length
75 minutes

In Studio

spots left

Yomassage:  Mindfulness + Restorative Yoga Poses +  Hands on Therapeutic Massage

Yomassage is like no other wellness offering on the market. You will experience a total mind-body-soul connection experience that activates all of your sensory receptors and cultivates the ultimate relaxation experience. Yomassage is truly for every person and every body, and you will feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. 

Yomassage is a signature class with a fusion of restorative yoga positions enhanced with therapeutic touch and meditation.  Clients will relax in a supported position for up to 10 minutes while receiving therapeutic touch to deepen the practice.  Each Yomassage Class is 75 minutes.

Class price is $20. 
You can buy a pass for this class
You can use an existing class pass but it will use 2 punches.


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