Yin Yoga
October 22 (Tuesday) at 6:15 pm

Mariaelena Mendoza (sub for Kristen Kelbe)
Class length
1 hour 15 minutes
Yin, the opposite of yang, is a slower paced practice that targets the connective tissues of your body, such as ligaments and tendons. These tissues react differently than muscles and need longer holds for a minimum of 2 minutes to open up. This practice is more about quality than quantity. As you come into a posture and find your place in the pose, you’ll use various props to support you and help you find comfort. From this place of stillness, you’ll begin to find the wave of the breath allowing it to smooth out into a gentle flow.

Yin improves your joint health significantly and gives your body time to repair itself. This practice is about finding stillness, letting go of perfection, and truly becoming a human being instead of the human doing we so often become in our busy days. This class is held in the evening and candle lit for a lovely way to unwind after a day.

This practice is open to all levels of experience.

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