The Courtyard Juices and Fitness Center

Rasamaya Yoga
with Avory Resca


April 9 (Friday)
at 8:30 am (GMT-04:00)

Class length
75 minutes

Virtual and In Studio

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“Rasamaya translates from Sanskrit as ‘fluid’. At its simplest; Rasamaya is a lifestyle that empowers you to seek out the beauty in your life every single day. It’s about finding a fluid life both on and off the mat.”

What inspires you?

Come connect to the elements and the empowering alignments of the postures, tapping into your inner power, lightness, and inspiration. Through creative and intelligent Vinyasa – style sequencing, Avory’s class energizes the body while building flexibility, strength, and balance. This is an open level class that offers modifications for beginner to advanced students. Offer up some love for yourself and greet this new year with revitalized body, mind, and an inspired presence


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