The Courtyard Juices and Fitness Center

Gravity Yoga
with Patricia Rockwood


February 1 (Tuesday)
at 10:30 am (GMT-04:00)

Class length
60 minutes

Virtual and In Studio

Patricia Rockwood is now offering Gravity Yoga ®  She is a certified Gravity Yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance who targets mobility classes to help students who struggle with flexibility.  
Patricia has been teaching Vinyasa yoga here at The Courtyard since August 1, 2019.  And will continue to teach her normal schedule.  
As an in studio, online and private instructor she has seen a need in the community for more than the normal yoga routines being offered.  Doing research to increase her own flexibility and manage inflammation she found Gravity Yoga ® helped her with myaol facial release, gentle muscle stretching and an increase in her own overall flexibility.  THIS IS NOT YOUR NORMAL YOGA.  Nor is it like yin yoga.  
Consistency is key in attending and practice.  Patricia believes in teaching a well-planned consistent classe regardless.  And expects her students to commit to their well being through this offering. Classes will also be offered through zoom so they can be attended from anywhere if you are not comfortable coming into our studio.  Though we do offer open air and social distancing.   
Personal attention is a high priority so Patricia will be available 15 minutes before and after each class for 1 on 1 discussions about problem poses and supporting your flexibility journey.
Patricia is in her early 60’s.  She discovered that traditional yoga was no longer offering her the flexibility she needed.  In fact she felt her body tightening up despite her disciplined yoga practice.  Gravity Yoga ® has been a game changer for her.  She hopes it will be for you too!  
Movement is medicine and health is attainable at any age for any body type.


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